Walking the walk

I do a lot of thinking about social issues, but when it comes down to it, I wonder just how much effort I put into bettering the world around me.

I haven’t volunteered since it was a required youth group activity at church. I rarely donate to charitable groups. I think about sponsoring a child in a developing country, but I’ve never done it. I’ve pondered taking in foster kids, but again, nothing. But more than this, I’m not sure that I’ve ever taken a real stand against the prejudice I encounter in my life.

I spend a lot of my time not making a fuss, trying to smooth things over, maintaining the status quo. I like it when people are getting along and I’m uncomfortable when other people are uncomfortable. Since pointing out prejudice would make people uncomfortable, I rarely do it, except maybe online (a space where for some reason I’ve always felt bolder, stronger, even though I use my real name).

Lately I have found myself championing more issues on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ve been donating to various causes on Philanthroper. I think these are steps in the right direction. But I also think it’s important that I learn more, so I can make some educated choices and find the best ways to give.