Eyesight stuff

So, next week I see my neurologist again. You remember, the one who told me I’d go blind if I didn’t lose weight fast? The last time I saw him, I had pictures taken of the backs of my eyes to see if my weight loss surgery and subsequent dropping of about 40 pounds had made a difference. Unfortunately, we didn’t seem to have any pictures from before the surgery. (I could swear my Augusta neurologist ordered some, but maybe not.) So it was impossible to tell anything other than my eyes were still really messed up, and I needed to continue taking medicine.

I had copies of those images in my hands for several minutes, and I could have taken a picture of them, but for some reason I didn’t even think to. But basically, when you look at the backs of someone’s eyes, you see a white ring in each one. They should be crisp. Mine look like someone went over them heavily with Photoshop’s Blur tool–or at least, that’s how they looked in mid-November.

I’d like to know if now they are less blurry, because that would imply the initial premise is sound and that weight loss will save my vision. So whether the neurologist thinks of it or not, I’m going to ask him to order new pictures.