2015 Daily Writing: January

Week One Weekly Total
Date 1-Jan 2-Jan 3-Jan 4-Jan 5-Jan 6-Jan 7-Jan
Words 1339 1608 1493 1274 47 582 264 6607
Project Whispers Whispers Whispers An Elegant Solution (complete) Momentary and Eternal (complete) Whispers Whispers
Week Two Weekly Total
Date 8-Jan 9-Jan 10-Jan 11-Jan 12-Jan 13-Jan 14-Jan
Words 905 543 116 315 184 816 214 3436
Project Whispers blog: Thinking back to Japan (complete) blog: Drowning in a torrent of memory (complete) blog: Outgrowing Usagi and Mamoru (complete) blog: You (complete) [secret franchise reboot] [secret franchise reboot]
blog: Wonderfully unexpected (complete)
Week Three Weekly Total
Date 15-Jan 16-Jan 17-Jan 18-Jan 19-Jan 20-Jan 21-Jan
Words 859 690 294 2073 2651 516 348 8394
Project Whispers Whispers personal diary entry (complete) [secret franchise reboot] [secret franchise reboot] Impostor [secret franchise reboot]
387 454 122
[secret franchise reboot] [secret franchise reboot] blog: Some old stuff (complete)
Week Four Weekly Total
Date 22-Jan 23-Jan 24-Jan 25-Jan 26-Jan 27-Jan 28-Jan
Words 231 637 344 300 1496 221 463 4805
Project He’s a Very Charismatic Dragon (complete) blog: Managing myself (complete) blog: To-don’t (complete) blog: Awakened to the promise (complete) blog: Jaunt to Little River Falls (complete) blog: You Need This Thing (complete) [Untitled childhood memoir]
253 619 241
blog: Sometimes it’s good to turn back (complete) blog: Jaunt to Little River Falls Opening a Door
Week Five Weekly Total
Date 29-Jan 30-Jan 31-Jan
Words 4270 423 106 4799
Project Opening a Door Opening a Door Opening a Door