Seeking something to write, desperate to avoid the personal anecdotes that have recently cracked you open to revivify, or at least set off echoes of, long-dormant emotions, you google.

Specifically, you google “writing prompts”.

The first link sounds very promising. It’s called “Creative Writing Prompts.” You click it.

It is full of suggestions for stories…about you.

  • You turn into a baby (with adult memories).
  • You wake up in a car with a bag full of cash.
  • You must choose between two mystical items.

Who is you, really?

Is it actually you? Are you meant to write about these things happening to yourself?

Is you a first-person character? Would you then have to work out your backstory and personality and family and friends in order to then discover how you would react to these situations? Do you even know what you looks like?

Is you a second-person character? That’s apparently in vogue.

Is you even a thing? Does you even matter? Are you? Do you?

Feeling meta, you reject the idea of writing prompts entirely and instead write about writing about you. (Or, possibly, yourself.)

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