So many feels

Today was an emotional maelstrom.

I started the day with a lingering loneliness that had crept upon me last night before bed, a longing, a wistfulness, an intense desire for Romance. It made the mundane seem like a prison and perfectly reasonable compromises feel like martyrdom. It was fairly pathetic, but it was intense; it thrummed through me and I was nearly in tears. Fortunately for me, someone very special got online. Talking with her always helps.

Then I heard some amazing, wonderful news, and I did cry, and my day turned bright, and I coasted blissfully into the afternoon.

But everything went wrong again after work due to a horrifying and frustrating situation in a fan community. I was so upset I just left, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back.

Sean and I went to dinner and I told him about everything, and he told me about his terrible day, and we commiserated over Thai food. Then, feeling a bit better, we went up the road to Baskin Robbins.

I got a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of chocolate peanut butter. They don’t go together, really. But they are both wonderful, and I love them both.