CHF Recovery: Day 58

I snoozed for an hour today because I didn’t want to get up. But then I did get up, and I showered, and I got dressed, and I kissed Sean, and I went to work! On the way I got Starbucks again. I decided to try the London Fog, which is an Earl Grey latte. Celena had told me about it. It was pretty good, but I like the chai latte better. I also got a protein bistro box¬†and a gingerbread loaf, and I really need to stop eating like this.

Work was fine; I got various things done and felt productive. For lunch I quickly ran errands, picking up a prescription and some groceries and then grabbing Chick-fil-A to eat when I got back.

The rest of the workday was also fine, and I left right on time and came straight home, where I ate Zebra Cakes and Oreos instead of dinner. Heh.

I settled in at my desk and wrote some five-sentence ficlets for prompts from various people, and that was fun. Sean and Celena got back from dinner and set up in the living room. I thought about watching TV but couldn’t come up with anything I wanted to watch, so instead I wrote more tiny stories until bedtime.