CHF Recovery: Day 61

Eating has been bad today too. :/

  • Got up at 9:30
  • Settled on the couch with Spider-Man 3, my protein shake, my morning meds, and last night’s pizza

I ate two cheesy bread sticks and half a piece of pizza, and they were delicious. And I livetweeted Spider-Man 3, which I love. I used to say 2 was the best but now I’m not sure. They all work so well together, it’s hard to pick.

After the movie I got on my computer to goof off and eat Oreos. Now I feel like doing something, but I’m not sure what. Sean is at work again (he’s teaching a bootcamp) and Celena is on her computer. I should take a walk. Hmm.

Update: I did not take a walk. I basically stayed on my computer all day, as I recall. I ended up going to bed around 9:30.