Shelter in Place: Days 45–49

This is the update for Monday, April 27 through Friday, May 1, 2020.

Well, I apparently didn’t feel like writing journal entries this week, so here’s stuff pieced together from memory and photos. Basically it’s a lot of work, food, and watching TV. That Rona Life.

Monday, April 27 (Day 45)

The only pictures I have from Monday are cooking photos from making mini meatloaves. I do know that generally work has been intense this week, with lots of meetings. This may have been one of the days where I didn’t really take a lunch break.

Tuesday, April 28 (Day 46)

On this day I ate my lunch early, along with some cookies. I don’t know if I had a lunch break. After work I ate an ice cream sandwich in bed while attempting to do some writing, then made sausage, creamy garlic shells, and mixed veggies for dinner. I had thought I defrosted a roast, then remembered that I only thought about defrosting a roast and decided to defrost a dinner sausage instead. It was disappointing, but I got a roast out to thaw for the next day.

Wednesday, April 29 (Day 47)

Literally only one picture from this day, and it’s of my dinner: roast pork, peas, and rice.

Thursday, April 30 (Day 48)

I started thinking I should take more pictures so I took one of my half-eaten breakfast: Greek yogurt, boiled egg, and our last banana.

After work my team had another virtual happy hour. I put on my hoodie because it was a little chilly and took my work laptop out to the patio along with some sweet tea and a blanket. It was pretty fun. There were lots of birds singing.

I had thawed some chicken for dinner but I didn’t feel like making it, so we ordered Jimmy John’s. We got caught up on Legends of Tomorrow and omg, I never would have thought I’d ship Zari and John.

Friday, May 1 (Day 49)

I had Greek yogurt and a boiled egg for breakfast again, but I was also freezing cold, so I made some oatmeal too. I had cookies at lunchtime and ate an actual lunch (tuna fish sandwich, popcorn, and sliced apples) at 2:20. There wasn’t really time for a lunch break on this day, so I didn’t take one. Fortunately, a meeting that had been scheduled for 4pm was canceled.

I still didn’t feel like dealing with the chicken, so for dinner I made hot dogs and butter noodles. We watched NCIS and an episode of NCIS: New Orleans that crossed over. Unfortunately Netflix doesn’t have that series, so we got a free trial of CBS All Access. We’ll take the opportunity to watch Picard too.