Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi

Let me say first off that I have no idea how to translate the title, which is 天保異聞 妖奇士 in Japanese. Tenpo is a period in Japanese history; the show starts off in Tenpo 14, or 1843. As a prophetess(?) in the show remarks, that’s 10 years before Commodore Perry and his black ships.

Ibun means “strange tale”.

The kanji 妖 has the connotation of ghosts or monsters, but I can’t find an entry for it on the WWWJDIC with the pronunciation ayakashi.

Ayashi is what the group of main cast is called. They fight supernatural beings from another dimension. The first part of that kanji, 奇, has the connotation of ghostliness or otherworldliness. The second part, 士, can mean “officer” (or soldier, I would assume).

So maybe “The Strange Tale of Tenpo Period Supernatural Fighters”? I don’t know.

Regardless, I’m really enjoying the show so far. The historical references are great.

I also love that there’s a guy who wears a tall hat, like Sai. (That he dresses like a woman the rest of the time is none of my business ;P) There’s also a guy who looks like Gwendal.

The plot is really interesting. Somehow, fighting monsters from another dimension is the duty of people who have studied foreign countries. Because that’s going to give you a leg up against monsters. Up until recently they’ve been able to kill the monsters without letting the general populace know of their existence, but things seem to be rapidly changing.

They recently introduced a character who is a direct descendant of the destroyed Aztec culture, and her supernatural companion, Quetzalcotl. :D

I’ll leave you with a picture of my favorite not-quite-character, Kumoshichi.

More Casshern

More info about Casshern can be found here and here. I already see a few places where my translation was off (because I assumed too much at times), and a few places where my translation was correct (yay!). Anyway, it’s based on an anime. From the official site, I was able to determine that Casshern is the guy with black hair, the face shield, and the round shiny thing on the side of his head. He’s played by Yusuke Iseya. The girl, Luna, is played by Kumiko Asou. The pop-up ad identifies the white-haired guy as either “Purai” or “Burai” (I can’t tell ;P), which could be Pry or Bry or something. :>

Anyway…it looks cool! It would be neat if they’d release it subtitled here in the theaters…



For those of you who are intrigued yet mystified by the Casshern trailer… this is my horrible “I’ve taken two whole years of Japanese, golly-gee-wow” attempt at “translating” it.

MAN SPEAKING IN BOARD ROOM: koko ni, hitotsu no seika wo happyo sasete itadakitai.  sono nawa, shinzou saibougu.
[here]  [one] [product/result]  [announce receive/ask to do] [heart/mental image/newly made] [cyborg]

Here, I would like to present to you a product.  That is, a new cyborg.

MALE VOICE 2: kore ga…[something?  hu?] koko made [something] da na…
[this is]  [this far]

What?  It’s already come this far?  (this is pretty much a guess based on the guy’s tone…)

MALE VOICE 3: okusama, ko-byokidatou wo okishimashita ka.
[Madam] [illness] [occurred]

Madam, have you become ill?  (there seems to be a malicious undertone to this.  also, it’s spoken very formally)

MALE VOICE 4: runa wa dou surun da.

What is Runa/Luna doing?  (not specifically; more like, what is she up to?  what’s on her mind?  what’s her problem?)

MALE VOICE 5: tomodachi katta dakatte iru no ni jibun dake konnata tokoro ni du(?) wake de wakanai.
[friend][?][?][exist/are (a person/people)][nominalizer particle][directional/purpose particle][self][only][this place][reason] [of] [I don’t know]

(Um…yeah.  Your guess is as good as mine.)

LAB TECHNICIAN (or something): geninfume desu!
[cause unknown] [it is]

We don’t know what caused it!

MALE VOICE: shinzou saibo wa mada kansei se no ka?

Isn’t the new cyborg finished yet?!  (I’m pretty sure on this one, but I could be wrong)

MAN WITH RED LIGHT ON HIS FACE: dou yuu koto da?

What is the meaning of this?

MALE VOICE: gunbu gan go iteru to yuu koto desu.
[military authority/rural area/county] [frozen]

(These words could really mean too many things for me to even make a good guess.  But I think the “frozen” bit must be correct, seeing as there is so much snow in that scene.)

GIRL EMBRACING BOY: naze hito wa tatakau no kana?

I wonder why people go to war… (This might be “So that’s why people go to war…” or something…I’m still sort of unsure about the “kana” form)

WOMAN: anata katta wa.  nani wo shita no desu ka?

I found you out!  What have you done?!  (I’m pretty sure this is it, but I’m still bad about plain form because they leave out lots of particles that could help me figure out what parts of speech words are…also, when she says “anata”, she might be meaning “dear”, as in “my husband”.  This is typically how the word is used these days.  If that’s the case, then it’s just “I caught you, husband!” or something similar.)

MALE VOICE: shio wa samaru anata wo shinsou ningen to shioshu.
[opportunity][topic particle][?][you][preposition marker][depths/deep level/real] [human][part of speech marker][?]

(This looks something like “I took the opportunity to [do something involving] real humanity”, but who knows…)

MALE VOICE 2 (gasping): ningen wo?
[human] [obj.particle]

To humans?!  (or maybe “Humans/humanity [are being ___]?!”)

ICY LOOKING GUY (Casshern?): minagoro shissuto.  (sheest?)

(NO CLUE WHATSOEVER!  I would like to just guess that he means “I’ll kill everyone”, but I can’t find any evidence for that theory :>)

FRANTIC MAN ON PHONE: kodomo(?) aru(?) no(?) kyu(?) hyaku shiro!

(Some details that probably explain everything.  I don’t even know if I transcribed the words correctly ;_;)  Quickly!

MALE VOICE (whispered): Hello. (I think, anyway…)

MAN (murmuring to woman): watashi no buwe no tsukutano fifu […?]

(People shouldn’t mutter.  ;P  Other than “my”, I have no idea what he’s saying.)

KNIGHT-LOOKING GUY (Casshern?): kisama…!

You…!  (kisama generally refers to someone you are very unhappy with.)


Who are you?!  (or “Who is that?!”)

MAN WITH SHINY ROUND THING ON HEAD (Casshern?): ore wa mo ningen ja nain da yo!

I’m not human anymore!  (This doesn’t sound like a random statement, but rather he’s saying this in response to something, or as a reason for something)

MALE VOICEOVER: tatta hitotsu no inochi wo sutete, umari kawatta fujimi no karada.  tetsu no akuma wa tadaite kudaku.  Casshern ga yareneba.  Dare ga yuru(?)
[only] [one] [power] [suteru-to abandon/throw away?][buried/surrounded/overflow/filled] [another/different/various/particular/unusual] [immortal] [body] [iron] [demon]  [comes?] [break/smash]
Only one power (something), filled another immortal body (???). The iron demon comes to destroy.  Casshern can’t be stopped.  Who (something)?

So yeah, wasn’t that great?  My attempt sure cleared THAT up!!!  ^^;;;  If anyone has a real clue, be sure to leave a comment or send me an email and let me know.