Financial relief!


I love this Blogger thing…it makes posting so easy…

Well, the financial troubles I was talking about before are much less of an issue now. Here is how it happened, and why ultimately I was higher than a kite yesterday:

I was hanging out with my mom, waiting for my latest short story to print out fifteen times, and we started discussing how in God’s green Earth I was going to get all my stuff to Georgia. Out of the blue, I asked her, “Would you come with me? I’d love it if you helped me set up my new home.”

She seemed very flattered, and said in a stern-ish voice, “Well, I didn’t want to visit you until you were married.” She refused to visit AJ and Faye when they were living together, and she won’t go to Ben’s apartment now either. I’m not sure what this accomplished in either case, although it’s true that AJ is married now and Ben is planning on getting married. Still, it seems like a vain attempt to allow us to live in sin by pretending not to condone it. It’s just weird. I was wondering if she would pull the same thing with me, and apparently that was on her mind as well. “But I don’t know, things are pretty slow around here at that time of year. I think I could do it.”

One of my goals in life has always been to make Mom happy. I don’t think this is particularly unhealthy, although I do think it’s important for me to weigh the issues before making a choice instead of just going along with whatever Mom wants. So I considered for a moment, and then said, “Well, what if you and I went down there with all my stuff and then Sean and I got married real quick? And you and Cheryl could be witnesses.”

“That could work,” Mom said.

For a spur of the moment idea, it really got me thinking. Everything would work out perfectly that way. We could have a small, intimate ceremony that didn’t cost much, and then I could get on his insurance right away, and the name change would go into effect before I had to get my new drivers license, so I wouldn’t have to get two to keep it current, and we would be married right away so I would (once again, ha!) be the kid that “did it right” (I am so competitive with my brothers!), and we could just send out marriage announcements to people, and gifts could arrive well before the honeymoon which is more logical anyway, and we’d have time to save up for the honeymoon…really, the plus sides of this are staggering, and it’s amazing I didn’t think of it before. I guess this is what you call “thinking outside the box” or a “paradigm shift”, because I was trapped in financial woes when I believed that my wedding had to be in March and had to have 75 guests and had to have a lovely reception with cake and catered food, and now I feel so light and free and happy!

I ran back and asked Sean about it, and he said, “Sure. I have no problem with that.” I was so elated! I started bouncing off the walls, and I got my homework done early, and I ran around talking to everyone. I told Ben about the plans and said that it would be great if he could come too…we’re still not sure who would stay at home with the dogs, but that’s a relatively minor issue given all the money we’re going to save and all the good things that are coming from this. I will miss whoever doesn’t get to come, though :/

But I don’t know, I’m too happy to be worried about that. That is pretty selfish, but hey, with all the angst I’ve had lately worrying about how the hell I was going to pay for the wedding I’d promised everyone, I deserve a little relief! Really, I do! ;>

Man, I am so excited!

And next Friday I will be going to see Sean! Yes, Thanksgiving break will finally be here soon, and I’m taking the first part of the week off so I can go be with him and find an apartment and search for a place to hold the little wedding. If we don’t find a place, the courthouse is fine with me. (You know, some of the prettiest buildings I’ve ever seen are funeral homes. That’s so unfair!)

So soon I will be a college graduate with a silver (well, white gold) ring on my finger. MAN! And I’ll be living in another state, and I’ll have a job…it’s crazy! But so exciting!

Life rocks :D