Star Wars

It’s funny because it’s true…

I think directors should only revise their works later on as long as the original version that everyone fell in love with to begin with is still available. But hey, that’s just me…what do I know?

As for Episode II, I’ve told a few people my theory about Anakin and Padme. Basically, I am convinced that they are not in love at all. Anakin is looking for someone to replace his mother, and Padme is looking for a life. Since the Anakin one is pretty obvious to anyone, I’ll only go into more detail on the Padme issue.

In the Episode II novel it’s even more painfully obvious than in the movie that Padme has been dedicated to politics and working for others so much that she has practically no personality, and certainly no life. She gets all weepy when she takes care of her sister’s children, wishing she had a family of her own, something of her own. Anakin, a rebellious (and, frankly, hot) young Jedi is the perfect way for her to break out of her good girl mold. Unfortunately, she’s been suppressing herself for so long that when she finally starts to break free, she goes overboard with her emotions. It’s because she’s so ecstatic about having a little danger in her life that she is able to ignore–or even think she can somehow cure!–Anakin’s violent tendencies. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if their relationship follows a standard spousal abuse pattern.

And so I have no problem with the stilted love scenes, because I feel they perfectly demonstrated that what Anakin and Padme have is certainly not love.

This is not to say that I will be happy to watch Padme spiral deeper and deeper into the role of the abused wife. That will be depressing. But it will fit. It will explain everything.

I just hope George’s neck doesn’t speak up and talk him out of it…