Schedule my life

Well, I’m trying to lose weight again. This time, though, I have a schedule!

When I first get up, I will go for a walk. After that I will clean house. Once that’s done, I will sit down for some data entry for 2go-Box (my new job, that I got last week). Soon it will be time to make dinner, so I will do that, and after dinner I will be free to do as I please. This is my plan, assuming I get up sometime around noon.

I pulled it off today, getting up at 12:22 and relaxing a little before going for my walk. I made it for three laps around the complex, then came back in and started work on the data entry. At around 4 or so I started cleaning the bathrooms. A few months ago I made up a schedule for cleaning the apartment that essentially covers all the rooms in a five day period, leaving the weekends free for relaxing. I’m going to use that schedule; Monday is Bathroom Day.

It was pretty miserable, scrubbing the grout and floors and toilets, especially in Sean’s bathroom (men are so dirty! I don’t know how they manage it), but the bathrooms look lovely. (The biggest problem in mine was a thin sheen of dust.) It shouldn’t be such a chore next week, given that there won’t have been weeks and weeks for dirt to accumulate. So that’s good.

Tomorrow is Bedroom Day, which should be easy, easy, easy. Mainly a lot of dusting. Our bedroom is quite clean.

Wednesday is Living Room/Dining Room Day, Thursday is Office Day, and Friday is Laundry/Vacuum Day. I didn’t include the kitchen because I figure I should really be cleaning that every day…and I pretty much do, anyway. (Today I was feeling inspired, and I actually took the stove apart and scoured it.)

In the schedule, I have written that I want to do Japanese study and something creative every day as well, but I’m not sure where I will fit those things in, time-wise. It depends on how early I get up, and how I feel after dinner. Things like that.

Looking at the boards, I have no desire to post right now whatsoever. Partially it’s because I’m exhausted, but also nothing is really strikingly interesting at the moment. I’m not sure I could do a post justice even if I was interested, though; I feel bone-tired. Hopefully as I get used to the schedule, I will be more able to do all the things I want to. “The more you do, the more you will be able to do,” and all that.

Also part of this plan is Slim-Fast, which I had for breakfast (lunch) and my after-dinner meal thingy. I’m not sure if my schedule will stay this way or not, but as long as two of my three meals are Slim-Fast, it’s not a big deal. I do need to go get some skim milk, though.

I feel like I’m paraphrasing everything and that I should write more, but I’m really not very alert right now. Bed beckons. Maybe I’ll watch some anime and then get some shuteye.