Ben said something last night that I thought was hilarious…not necessarily for content, but just the way he said it:

“If no one cared about anything, then…who gives a shit?”

He’s a genius, I swear.

I’m awake in the morning today, which is more than I can say for the rest of the week. Every day I’ve been waking up intermittently and falling back asleep, only to finally drag myself out of bed at around 2 pm. No more, I decided last night. I would get up as soon as I woke up the first time. Armed with that decision, I fought myself valiantly this morning when I woke up: Get up. Get up. You’re awake, get up. Get up now. Come on. Get up.

It took my mom opening her door and walking out past my door with the dogs to actually inspire me to move. I figured if they were up, I had no excuse. So I forced myself out of bed, arranged the covers, and hopped into the shower…and here I am. Victorious!

Hopefully this means I’ll be able to play with Connor more the next time he spends the night. A few nights ago he was here, and while I played with him during the evening (a rousing game of charades, during which I impersonated a bunny, a crocodile, and his father AJ), I never got up before he left to go home the next day. I’ve felt bad about that ever since, even though AJ assured me that Connor doesn’t hold grudges. It’s just uncool to do that to a kid, whether they hold grudges or not. (The worst part of it is, I did wake up and actually went to the bathroom while he was there. He was sitting on Mom’s bed and I waved at him, but then I went right back to bed. That’s like torture!)

It would take a lot for me to subscribe to Ben’s vision of an apathetic world, I guess. I think probably he’s more interested in having people leave him alone than anything else. That, at least, I can understand. But I don’t think I’d want to get to the point where no one cared about anyone else. That strikes me as a rather cold and unwelcoming world.

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  1. Original comments from BlogKomm

    My sleep schedule’s cazy too these days. Six hours is a blessing and it can come at any time between the hours of 6am to 4pm. I’m VERY much a night owl … I think I developed this quality because I can only work when there’s no socializing going on … so, during the 8 hours that most people are working, then I’m socializing and during the eight hours everyone else is sleeping, I’m working.
    der Matt[@][H], 04.08.2004, 5:43 pm

    Somehow, not getting enough sleep seems much “cooler” and more “hardcore” than sleeping all the time. Maybe it’s just me…;>
    Heather[@][H], 04.09.2004, 1:21 am

    It’s just you. You need to work on convincing yourself that sleeping is HARDCORE, and you need more training…
    Shade[@][H], 04.09.2004, 7:25 pm

    …so I can go to the NEXT LEVEL!
    Heather[@][H], 04.09.2004, 11:15 pm

    Supa-Heather, Level TWO!
    Shade[@][H], 04.09.2004, 11:16 pm

    It occurs to me (belatedly, as I have been very busy with my SUPER ULTIMATE TRAINING) that I should be at least Level 57 by now.
    Heather[@][H], 04.16.2004, 8:32 pm

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