I’ve been working on the Macross 2051 website this weekend, adding and updating content. When I got to planet Tir-Na-nOg, I decided to revisit some old posts: specifically, my first-ever GM position, running the D.I.R.E. Wolves for the Arcadia Task Force.

There’s a lot of great stuff there, IC and OOC. So I thought I’d share a bit:

By Q-GM Illusion on Wednesday, June 28, 2000 – 02:27 am:

OOC: Sero, you are onboard the Falcon, the stealth ship the DIRE use for subtle little infiltration operations like this one. Everyone posting on the thread is also in the Falcon. You are in the back section with the rest of the team, and Rollins, Cormann, Jade, and Ikaru are up front. Jade and Ikaru are piloting. I wish you would read the thread more carefully before asking questions, because I’m pretty sure all your questions are answered in the roleplay.

By Nexx on Wednesday, June 28, 2000 – 09:54 am:

OOC: Come on Illusion. Dont let it get to you or your heart will expload like a baked potato.

By Q-GM Illusion on Wednesday, June 28, 2000 – 05:54 pm:

OOC: My heart exploded years ago, leaving nothing but a hard, crusty shell in its place…devoid of feeling, of caring, of emotion…perfect for being an EVIL GM!!!!!!!

Err, sorry…I think I was channelling someone else just then. ^^

The problem of people not reading what was on the board was not limited to Private Hirimoto. I learned that soon enough.

I also learned that people tend to disappear for long periods, only to either 1) reappear later; 2) never come back and never tell you they’re not coming back. One such case was Aricelle Santos. He hadn’t been posting for awhile, so I decided to do this:

The forest floor had so far seemed quite firm, so it was quite surprising when Santos took his next step and his foot suddenly sunk into the ground. There had been no indication of any sinkholes or underground burrowings, he mused, even as he lost his balance and fell face-first.

Unfortunately the spot he had chosen to fall on had previously served as a rest area for some passing forest creature. A large forest creature.

With a sickening squish, Santos’ upper body landed right in a huge pile of putrid dung. The feces smeared itself across the front of his power armor and some of it squeezed into Santos’ open helmet. He’d be smelling this lovely aroma for quite some time.

As an added bonus, the fall had twisted his ankle.

Santos never posted again.

I had to wrap that scenario up too quickly at the end, with one of those annoying fast-forward posts that take the actions away from the players. I’m actually not sure if I’ve ever completed a scenario without having to do that.

My NPC, Captain Roger Cormann, was a fun character. Rereading the thread made me want to play him again. I suppose, if I ever go back to playing on the AMRN, I could pull an Alias and say that he was given a drug to feign death so that the Guild could steal him away for their own evil purposes. And then brainwash him. Or something. I don’t know. You can get away with a lot in science fiction!

As a final note, I’d like to include this snippet, without context (because it’s more fun that way) from my favorite character in that scenario, Anthony Patrick Jameson:

Anthony got himself to his knees and started undoing what was left of the lower part of his fatigues. “No, I’m not tha’ shy sar. Jus’ don’t go around telling the rest o’ tha Wolves about me underwears.”