My birthday’s coming up…

…so if anyone’s interested in buying me stuff, I’ve updated my Amazon Wish List.

I’m so terrible ;P But really, this is the most efficient way of letting people know what I want. If you’re going to buy me something, please buy from the “would love to have” or “must have” categories (just sort the list by priority).

Yes, my highest priorities are: 1) Japanese language; 2) the Friends television series! ;P

I really want those Pimsleur CDs. From what I can tell, they are the best on the market. It’s possible to find them used…

…aaaaaaand it’s time to go to work. Buhbye!

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What, no SbtB DVD boxset?
Shade[@][H], 05.04.2004, 10:56 pm


I dreamed about some comedians reenacting a parody of Saved by the Bell just last night.
Heather[@][H], 05.05.2004, 6:25 am

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