Betty Crocker’s on vacation

So, I didn’t cook tonight. Sean and I lay around miserably for awhile, and finally I decided to go get him some Mexican food, like he’d mentioned when he first got home. So I went over to Mi Rancho (who really ought to be on 2go-Box) and got some takeout. While I was there, I went over to the service station to get some bread, and that’s where I found the Every Flavor Beans.

Clothes are laid out for tomorrow–a dress for work, and my swimsuit and workout pants for the morning workout. I plan to jog around the complex (to save time), hit up the workout room and do the stairmaster for five minutes, do some stomach crunches, and then slip into the pool :D

I’m planning on starting up tennis with Paul again, on Mondays and Wednesdays after work. So this means four days of double workouts a week, when you add in the biking on Tuesday and Thursday (going tomorrow! yee!). I think for now I will leave Friday open. Maybe that can be grocery shopping day, like I was thinking before.

Robert’s having his meetings with the potential CSRs tomorrow morning, I believe. I wasn’t able to call them to schedule the appointments due to leaving work early. I’m actually kind of disappointed that I wasn’t able to do it. I was looking forward to the experience. I’m going to take some sinus medicine with me to work tomorrow, just in case. We have a new guy who’s interested in driving, but it looks like he’ll only be available evenings and/or weekends. Weekends would be fine, but we are pretty much covered in the evenings…what we really need is someone to deliver lunch.

All right, that’s enough rambling. Catch you all tomorrow.