Walked once around the complex, did six minutes on the stairclimber (felt like I could do more, but didn’t want to ruin my legs for biking this afternoon), did mucho crunches and back raises, did a leg lifts series, jogged a little (very little) on the treadmill, and then went swimming for about 12 minutes. Some of that was actual paddling around, but some of it was also floating and enjoying the lukewarm water. It wasn’t cold at all, but it wasn’t too hot to be refreshing. I took a short dip in the hot tub and then went back to the apartment.

Answering email made me late for work, but at least I made it in. I brought my Slim Fast and my sinus medicine, so all should be well today. I think.

I’m wearing a dress! I bought two dresses at Cato when I went with Mari last Friday. This one is one of those one pieces that looks like a two piece (the top part looks like a shirt that could be worn separately, but it is, in fact, not). It’s a pale beige with splashes of pink flowers on it; the underdress is a beige tank while the overlay is sheer with short sleeves. I almost feel like it’s too churchy to wear to work, but eh. The other one is a sleeveless kimono-looking sheath–I say kimono-looking because of the pattern of sprays of flowers and Japanese maple leaves, not because of the actual cut of the dress. It’s also pink, though a little more reddish than this one. I love them both :) I think the kimono-style one is my favorite, though; I love that kind of pattern.

I almost feel like taking a nap. I’d better wake up ;>