The end of the work day is nigh…

This one is one of those one pieces

That has to be one of my most ill-conceived phrases ever. ;> You can tell that I didn’t edit that post. I was in a hurry to get it up and browse away from my homepage because I heard Robert’s car door ;>

I have so many packages to ship today. It’s insane. I’m not going to make people wait behind me in the drop-off lane…I’ll just cart them all inside. I’m shipping 10 Progen test kits and four 2go-Box T-shirts, plus about fifty bazillion 2go-Box New Member Kits. (I guess everyone really wants that $500 in food.)

My contact lenses are drying out on me, but I haven’t really had a bad sinus headache or haziness/pressure. That’s good. I did forget something today, though…


I swear, I’m going to forget something every day.

(Don’t worry; I was able to dash off to Publix and buy some. I’m going to keep it in my desk just in case.)

Oh! A McDonald’s has appeared out of nowhere, just down the street, in front and to the right of Publix. I swear, yesterday it wasn’t there, and today it is. No warning whatsoever. I guess the building must have been up, but they waited to put all the McDonald’s signage and finishings on until the very last minute, or something. Either that or builders work very fast. (It’s possible…I don’t really remember a building being there at all.)

It’s not open yet, as far as I can tell, but it looks like it will be quite soon. This may do bad things to my diet. Then again, I can get their Cobb Salad…