July 24, 1990 – Tuesday (12 years old)

Today we watched a little TV and Mom made coffee cake, and me, the pig, ate almost half of it! Then Dad brought over stuff from Long John Silvers and I pigged out! Later we dropped Dad off to get his truck again and then went to McAlpin’s. I got some shorts with my gift certificate. Then we got A&W floats. Then we went to Toys ‘R’ Us where AJ purchased Krang. Then to Winn Dixie. I got 3 cute plants. Mom got tons of junk and then she didn’t have any checks! She left for some. We left for home. AJ played piano then we went and rented Chip n’ Dale (game). We ate dinner and Klondike bars. Then AJ got to Gadget. Then he died. He later showed us his cartoon of Turtles. Better stop now because it’s 12:35…tomorrow!