September 18, 1990 – Tuesday (12 years old)

Today I got up and made my bed. We got ready but it seemed the bus had never come. We found that the bus had come, but very early. At school I lost my Bic pencil, but at least I had my books. We had a sub in Reading so I didn’t get to turn in my Comprehension or my rough sketches. I finished my “G” in school and home. I finished my homework in time to watch Turtles. It was the one about Rex-1. When I grow up, I will live in the wilderness. I took a bath tonight and during it I thought about double-chins. Double chins make you comfortable-looking, but no second chin makes you beautiful. I’d rather be beautiful.

I started to write a book story about a girl named Agatha Amelia. We had Zingers for milk-and-cookies and brushed our teeth and went to bed. (I hope I get the stuff I asked for for Christmas. I will copy my list and put it in here.)