October 28, 1990 – Sunday (12 years old)

Today I woke up and the boys were already up. I had a Pop-tart and a bowl of Froot Loops. Later Dad made hash browns and sausage. 3 breakfasts! The boys went on a train ride with Jon and his friend. I typed my story, did work for dad and read books. We made a cool lunch (late.). I finished my Raphael story and started a Splinter and Leo story. They’re cool. They boys got home but were at Jon’s when Gma & Gpa came. They called me and I made them come home. They said Hi and then went back. We did junk with them and they left. The boys stayed at Jon’s for 1 hour. Then me & AJ stole cookies & Ben used a slingshot. Then AJ played Mario 2. I watched. We watched TV & had supper. I had a shower and finished early. Then I ate milk & cookies, read, and went to bed.