January 6, 1993, 8:40 AM – Wednesday (14 years old)

I was so tired this morning. But I got up and came to school anyway. So here I am in 1st hour with nothing to do but write. And that’s good!

A lot of changes have been made concerning Kung Fu class, and I will illustrate them. First, we moved to a new church, which is much nicer than the old one and doesn’t charge us rent. Second, the class went from two nights a week to three. Which brings about point number three, a price increase. It went from $25 a month to $37.

A lot of people were unhappy about the new high price, saying they couldn’t afford it. Since I’m not paying, my only problem was the Saturday morning class, because I want to stay home and watch cartoons like a slug. But I decided to go for it anyway, because I don’t want to be a slug. I want to be a trim, fit human being.

The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday at Wal-Mart. AJ said to me, “Heather, you wanna see Duncan? He’s right over there.” And my heart SKIPPED A BEAT. That was the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had! I think I’m letting this crush get out of hand.

AJ and Ben had been talking to Duncan. He’s not too happy about the new prices and he thinks it’s unfair. I don’t, because Si Fu has explained how he came up with the price. He’s only charging a little more an hour now, and he’s giving most of it to the church, maybe all of it, as a donation, because he feels that’s what Christ smiles upon. I hope Duncan will come back to class. He didn’t come because he didn’t like the price. But he talked to Si Fu after class. He’s taken Kung Fu for two years and he shouldn’t quit now. Besides, if he quits I’ll probably never become more than casual friends with him, although I’ve already told him I have a crush on him. I wonder what he thinks of me? He probably thinks I’m a dork. One thing I know…I gave him a Christmas card and he didn’t give me one back. That’s because he never gives Christmas cards back. He needs to work on that.

I don’t know how I’m going to tape Darkwing Duck while I’m at Kung Fu. I guess I’ll have to play with the VCR timer.



SAME DAY, 10:04.

Bell’s about to ring for third hour. Just wanted to relate an interesting anecdote. We were in Wilmore looking for the church, and AJ kept saying, “What about that one?” and I’d reply, “That’s Asbury.” After a few of these, AJ suddenly burst out: “There’s a COLLEGE in WILMORE?”


SAME DAY, 11:52 AM

I just let Bruno Leon read part of my Batman script. He sent it back to me with the note: “This is not funny! You’re insulting Bruce Wayne! He knows what an appetizer is!” I sent it back, adding, “Yeah, but Dick Grayson doesn’t.” Bruno wasn’t amused. He loves Batman. I hope I didn’t offend him. :(


12:43 PM

Some people assured me that he wasn’t offended, and I stayed after class showing Madame Fields my Batman script. But a new problem has come up. [Person who doesn’t want her name anywhere on the Internet] says that she won’t be here on the day we’re supposed to do our oral report. So we might lose a point for “not being ready”! I’m angry with [Person who doesn’t want her name anywhere on the Internet]. What if that one point puts our grade at a 91 instead of a 92? Mrs. Stamper says that we won’t lose the point if we can get someone to trade us days. We’ve got MONDAY. Who in their right mind will trade with us?