DAY 23

One lap around complex with handweights

Nice long stretching routine

5 minutes on stairclimber

50 crunches

30 each side lats

30 each side obliques

50 back raises

25 (+5) wuss pushups

30 (+10) each side inside inner thigh raises

30 (+10) each side outside inner thigh raises

30 (+10) each side side leg lifts

20 scissor kicks

20 each side kneeling leg raises (for glutes; new)

20 tip-toe raises (for calves; new)

I felt a little off this morning, but I found myself doing my workout automatically anyway. It’s really becoming part of my daily routine, I guess.

I managed to make Sean’s lunch this morning, too, which is good.

Last night we had the oh-so-healthy hotdogs and macaroni and cheese, but tonight I think I’m going to make mini meatloaves. (You know, I don’t think those are any healthier…) I’ll probably make mashed potatoes too, and maybe steam some broccoli. I was unhappy with the last time I steamed broccoli from this particular bunch, so I’m not sure if it’ll be good or not. The best broccoli crowns I’ve had have been from Winn-Dixie, though the Wal-Mart ones are fine too. Maybe Publix just doesn’t get good broccoli, or maybe broccoli is out of season?

At any rate, I have to go by Publix again today because I forgot shampoo and conditioner…even though they were both right there on my list, which I was looking at while I was in the store. Bleh!

I’ve been thinking that if/when I get pregnant, we can probably stay in this apartment for about a year before we have to get a bigger place. But we’ll definitely need to move somewhere with three bedrooms after that. One for us, one for baby, one for computers :> I’d actually like to have something more like a “den” for our computer stuff, but we’ll see how that goes.

If we do move, I’ve been wondering if we should just get a bigger apartment, or go for a house. I know a house payment would probably be lower than rent for a bigger apartment here at Spring House, so…

Anyway, off to work :)