I don’t think “bajong” means anything. It’s onomatopoeia for me leaping into the air with a grin so wide it’s painful to look at.

I had to stay a little late at work today because Mike called in and Robert was just getting in to the airport. In the end, Wanda had to drive out and get him, because his car crapped out again. I finally headed home at around 2:10, which means I got three more hours than I was supposed to today. Yee. This half-time thing isn’t really working out, is it? ;>

Anyway, I went by Wal-Mart to grab the shampoo and conditioner that I’d forgotten yesterday, then stopped at a fresh vegetable stand and looked around. I didn’t buy anything, though, because I didn’t need any of the stuff they were selling ^^;;

I really, really want to discuss the interesting stools I’ve been having lately, but in fear of AJ calling me Bronwyn–even though I did not take pictures, thankyouverymuch–I will just remark that yes, I have in fact been having interesting stools lately. (I don’t know what’s up with my compulsion to discuss the intimate details of my digestive system–hell, any of my bodily systems–with people. I think it’s a combination of the facts that 1) I did a lot of that during my hospital stay; 2) my mom’s a nurse; 3) I find bodily functions fascinating, for some unknown reason.)

Odd fact: something called Trakken is running Blogger’s comments. And we all thought it was in-house! (Well, I did, anyway…) [Edit: Actually, it seems to be running everything that sends email…posts and comments alike. It also seems to be having some problems at this time. -HM, 3:30pm]