DAY 24

One lap around complex

4 minutes on stairclimber (legs were dead after biking yesterday)

50 crunches

20 elbows-to-knees (been conveniently forgetting this one lately)

30 each side lats

30 each side obliques

50 back raises

20 wuss pushups

30 each side inner thigh lifts (outside)

30 each side inner thigh lifts (inside)

30 each side side leg lifts

20 scissor kicks (though today they were more like bicycle kicks)

20 each side glutes

The clock in the workout room was wrong. I had gotten up at around 4:15 due to having to pee, using that opportunity to take a pregnancy test, and not seeing the point in going back to sleep afterwards. So when I saw that the clock said 6:00, I disbelieved…but just in case, I came back to the apartment. It was only 5:15.

I have a mild cough–not the rattling kind yet, but we’ll see. I also seem to be developing a splitting headache. Stress? :P

I’m going to have McDonald’s for breakfast, I think. I also think I’m going to be very happy when I get to come home at 11. I’m going to go straight to bed, if I’m still feeling then the way I do now.