I got up late, and it was raining, so I went straight to the workout room. 10 minutes on the treadmill, increasing the pace towards the middle and then decreasing at the end, and then the following:

Crunches (+10): 50

Elbows-to-Knees (+10): 30

Lats (each side; +10): 30

Obliques (each side; +10): 30

Back raises (+10): 50

Wuss Pushups: 20

Outside thigh raises (each side): 20

Inside thigh raises (each side): 20

Leg Lifts (each side): 20

Scissor Kicks (total): 20

No stairclimber today, because last night at bike riding my quads felt like lead. Just a huge mass of immovable substance that was way, way heavy. I figured they didn’t need the punishment…that and I was low on time.

My new coworker Wanda is bringing me a biscuit from McDonald’s for breakfast this morning, but it won’t be until 9 or 10 when she comes in, so I’m going to take a Slim Fast with me just in case.

I watched Sailor Moon 37 yesterday during my lunch break (I really had no time to do anything yesterday o_o). It was, well, awesome. A return to normalcy, but with a twist. And that ending cliffhanger was just evil…