There is something wrong with me

I told AJ in the comments to my last post that I’ve had more energy, but that I’ve also been ravenously hungry. I’m starting to wonder if the first one is true. (The second one definitely is…I not only had two cheese hot dogs and chips/dip for lunch, but I stopped on my way back to work to get a huge chocolate milkshake at R. Gabriel’s. It was like a craving that I couldn’t ignore.)

It seems like lately I’ve been tired a lot, and I’ve taken an inordinate amount of naps. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem normal somehow. I feel like I should be able to function during the daylight hours and sleep at night and not feel overwhelmed or extraordinarily tired like I have been.

Mom thinks that I’ve been working too much, so when my hours drop by half next week maybe things will get better. However, the following week I’m back to full time to cover for Wanda going on vacation. I’m not sure what my hours will do after that. The half time hours would probably be fine…I remember liking that schedule back when I had it before. I’ll still be getting up at 5 and going in at 7, though.

Sean agrees that my schedule might be the problem…”Early in the morning until late in the eve” is how he put it. (I love how he says “eve” instead of “evening” or “night”. Where did he get that?)

So anyway…we’ll see, I guess.

I only managed to get one load of laundry done today, due to taking a stupid nap. With the two I did yesterday, that leaves one more for tomorrow. Stupid laundry.

I also made dinner–seasoned steak, steamed broccoli, and cheesy scalloped potatoes–and emptied the dishwasher, both of which seemed like nigh-impossible feats as I was doing them. The steak is okay, but the broccoli isn’t all that good for some reason. I guess it’s because usually I cut the crowns in half, but I didn’t this time. Bleh.

Tomorrow Sean and I are going to see Spider-Man 2 with Adam, and then we’re going to eat something, and then we’re going to watch mucho Prince of Tennis. I’m looking forward to it. On Sunday Sean is going to help Kelly with his new media box, and then I don’t know what all is going on. We never go see the fireworks or anything…I don’t know if that will change this year or not.

Hope I get to sleep in tomorrow, because even though I napped from like 7 until 9:30, bed still sounds very, very appealing. ;P