Lately I’ve been feeling really restless…sort of unhappy with how things are, and wanting to change and improve them. Most notably, I’ve been obsessing over the living room and the master bedroom, and ways in which I could rearrange them.

So finally today I did rearrange the bedroom. I moved my old desk over to the window, and put Lan Box on it. Sean’s TV will also go there, so we can watch fansubs in bed.

Where my desk used to be, I put my dresser, with the shelves that used to be on top of the desk. I then nested the two gold and glass tables and set them between the dresser and my side of the bed.

My hope chest went where the dresser used to be, and my little sock and underwear chest stayed pretty much where it was, next to the hope chest.

Sean got to keep his bedside table, which I was originally thinking of using to hold the TV. I left my hamper where it was, too.

I’m not sure why I got the itch to rearrange, but I think part of it is probably because of work. Robert bought a desk just like my new one here at home–and it is way too big for our office. Anyway, I spent Friday putting it together…wound up working eight hours with no breaks, and didn’t even get done. Plus, I’m worried about how we’re going to make it fit into the office…right now we have the table that was along the back wall sticking out diagonally to keep it out of the way.

So that’s probably what it is…knowing that there’s a big project that I didn’t finish at work, overlapping with my home life.

I went biking with the gang yesterday. I stayed in fifth gear and chugged along mightily. There’s a point just before (or just after, can’t quite remember) the concrete tunnel on the trail where the incline seems to be too much for me lately, and I have to stop and walk for several feet. It happened again this time, but it wasn’t too bad. After that, I didn’t stop at all until the end of the trail.

Mari had set us a goal: to get to the end of the trail without stopping by the end of August. I decided that I would go ahead and try to get as far as I could without stopping. So making it that far, with only the one brief walking bit, made me feel good; it was a nice accomplishment. Of course, this means that I have to perform similarly from now on, or the whole thing will have been pointless…

I didn’t do my workout on Friday, and I’ve been trying to rest my back this weekend (other than, I guess, the furniture-moving), but it’s still sore. I think it feels a little better now than it did earlier in the day, though.

I organized my desk today, too, and did up some paperwork that’s been needing to go out. I also reorganized my email; I deleted a bunch of junk and created some new folders so that I’ll know what I’m doing more easily. Typically I just leave everything that’s “pending” in the Inbox; this has started to stress me out, so I made some new folders similar to the ones I have at work: Awaiting Reply/Info, Deferred, and Done. Done has several subfolders depending on what type of stuff it is (job, FlyLady, AMRN, etc.).

Part of this wanting to get organized comes from the fact that I’m reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done (yes, again; I borrowed it from Robert for a second time, and this time I will actually read it, damn it). There’s some good information in there that I hope to apply to pretty much all the facets of my life…but it’ll take awhile, I think :X

I did finish up Hikaru no Go the other day (I guess it was Friday). The ending is good, but it leaves me wanting more, of course. There was more manga, but even it leaves me wanting more. There isn’t really much of a resolution to anything. And I’m unhappy with Sai’s SPOILERdisappearanceSPOILER, but we all already knew that ;P

Brooke said last night that she could tell a difference from my working out, in my face and midsection. That was sort of a relief to hear, because honestly I can’t tell anything, except that maybe my pants are a little looser. I dunno.

I want ice cream…