DAY 29

Just in case you were curious, I did end up having ice cream last night: a chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard.

1 lap around complex with handweights

5 minutes on stairclimber

60 (+10) crunches

20 knees to elbows

40 (+10) each side lats

40 (+10) each side obliques

15 back raises (stopped before the point of discomfort)

30 each side outside inner thigh raises

30 each side inside inner thigh raises

40 (+10) each side side leg raises

20 scissor kicks

20 each side kneeling leg lifts (glutes)

20 calf raises

I did lots of stretching before, during, and after the workout.

When I got up this morning, my back was really sore. I was sort of concerned as to whether or not I should work out. But it feels better now–still sore, but I didn’t work it too hard, and I think stretching it out by doing the other exercises helped a little.

I’m looking forward to going to work. I want to be on the ball the minute I go in, because I seem to get the most done–or at least, my focus is the best–when I’m alone in the office. (I could really use my own office, but hell, I could use a million dollars too…)

Today I will be concerned with trying to schedule my vacation time. Tomorrow I will be busy getting ready for Brooke’s graduation. Sometime during the rest of the week, I’ll call the endocrinologist and set up an appointment, hopefully for next week. Unfortunately, the one my friend Will suggested to me isn’t in “the book”, so I’ll be using the one that the gyn I went to recommended.

Time to see about breakfast, and make a lunch for Sean.