I didn’t make Sean’s lunch…ended up distracting myself with webcomics. I took a Slim-Fast and a coffee cup out to the car, then remembered about the desk and ran back upstairs to get my racheted screwdriver, my hammer, and my measuring tape (just in case).

Got to work and finished up the desk, did other workly things. Was pretty busy all day until my relief came in at 3. I decided to stay until 4 and put my new computer together on the desk.

The keyboard tray won’t stay in. I remember having similar problems with this desk (it’s the same desk), but somehow it’s worse at the office, so much so that I’ve just put the keyboard and mouse up top and left the tray off.

The computer came pre-loaded with all kinds of useless software like Real Player and AOL. I removed all the junk, then fiddled with the settings to make it look as close to Windows 2000 “Classic” as possible. Then I went to Sushicam to grab some wallpapers, as the defaults were horribly grainy and not all that nice to begin with. I messed with the IE settings and favorites, too, but I didn’t get too far into it because I’m just going to port over my Favorites from the other computer, as soon as it’s time for me to switch. (This week I’m staying at the Dispatch station because, well, I’ll be doing Dispatch ;P)

New desk, new computer…everything seems dandy. I am worried about one thing, though…Tammy works in that area of the office when she comes in in the morning, and that’s also Robert’s side. I fear the messes that may ensue :/ (And I may never see my pens again…)