Endocrinologist appointment this morning

at 10:30. I’m nervous. I don’t know what to expect. I’m also lacking confidence in my ability to comprehend and process whatever information I receive.

Sean unfortunately can’t come with me, as he wasn’t able to get off work.

Money’s kind of tight now that my hours have been more than halved. We can pay our bills, but that’s about it. We’ve lived fairly comfortably up until now, and it seemed like we were close to our plans of buying new office chairs and a new bed. Now it feels like we suddenly don’t have any money for that at all. We may not go to AWA this year again after all. Not sure yet.

We could save money if I didn’t buy my new bike, but I don’t want to go that route. I want to be able to ride whenever I feel like it. I enjoy it and it’s good exercise. I’ve been so impatient to get my bike that to put it off now would be really frustrating.

Yesterday I was pretty emotional, both over the job situation and over sitting at a table at Kurama with a mother and her four boys. They were well-behaved, nice children, and she was a fantastic mom. It made me so jealous. I almost started crying at the table.

My mood effectively dampened Sean’s mood, so Adam was sitting there all uncomfortable, trying to cheer us up with thoughts of dessert. Sorry, Adam.

At least we got to watch more Prince of Tennis. That’ll lighten anyone’s mood.

Well, wish me luck at my appointment. I’m sort of hoping I’ll be prescribed some kind of hormone that will balance my moods…