The appointment was fine, although I waited 2 hours before being seen, and even then it was a med student doing the interview. (The doctor was great, though, once I finally got to talk with her.)

Assuming I am interpreting this doctorscrawl correctly, here are the next steps:

  1. Records

    • chemotherapy doses and kinds
    • BMT info
    • submit permission forms for release of information
  2. Bloodwork

    • release information from previous two GYNs
    • return to office for new bloodwork
  3. Bone Density

    • schedule bone density exam
    • take 1200 to 1500 grams of calcium PER DAY
    • exercise

Okay, I can’t read the next two things :P But then there’s the part about the options that will then emerge: hormone treatment to get me to conceive naturally, using an egg donor, or adoption.

So basically, she wants more information before she knows what to recommend. She did a pelvic exam, and she said that it looked very good for natural conception. She also said that the facts that 1) I did not have radiation, and 2) I had that period or sloughing off or whatever in May, were good signs. But she wants to know how my ovaries rated in that blood test; I didn’t remember the number. If the number is too high, then the chances are very small. She also needs to know the type of chemo I had, and in what doses, because that will help her to figure out what the damage is and how best to combat it.

Pretty interesting stuff…I’ll work to get all the info she needs tomorrow.