My moods have just been wonky lately.

Right now I just feel like crap, like I don’t have a purpose, like I’m more of a burden than an asset to everything I’m a part of. Part of it is my car, and the huge expense it will be to fix it. Part of it is waiting in job limbo, not hearing anything, wondering if they decided they hate me or what. Part of it is the AMRN, which I have quasi-rejoined, but in which I still feel like an outsider. There are new cliques, and I’m left out of them…but if I try to bring in more characters, I don’t think it will go right. I feel like things will happen that I will find boring, and then I’ll quit posting and get overwhelmed and quit again. So Mindy’s all I’ve got for now, but she doesn’t really fit in. I feel like I’ve basically got nothing, that there was no point in trying to come back at all.