I had a weird dream last night, and I meant to write it down earlier, but I didn’t have time. (Then I forgot.) So here it is.

Sean and I were in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. Except it was a little different. All the buildings had the rule that you had to take your shoes off while inside–much like Japan, but there weren’t any slippers to wear. It was also the middle of winter, and there was snow and ice all over. I was downtown for some reason I can’t remember, though I think it probably had something to do with finding a new job, because I felt really guilty about being late for work. As I was wandering around, I lost track of Sean, and so I kept running from building to building, barefoot in the snow. It was sort of exhilirating, and definitely cold :> Finally I found him again and we were able to leave.

All I can think now is that Sean would really be annoyed by having to take his shoes off all the time.