Duck Guardian is so hard!

1 lap around complex (walking)

Stairclimber: 8 min

Crunches: 50

Lats (each side): 30

Obliques (each side): 30

Back raises: 20

Wuss pushups: 10

Outside inner thigh (each side): 30

Inside inner thigh (each side): 30

Side leg lifts (each side): 30

Scissor kicks: 20

Glutes (each side): 30

Calf raises: 30

I also did some nice stretching. After that and a hot shower, I’m feeling pretty good. Eating some Lucky Charms at the moment; I had a vitamin and a calcium tablet before my workout.

Some bad news: I’m going to put off getting my bike, and we’re also going to put off getting a needed bookshelf, so that we can go to AWA. We’re both tired of not going to AWA. However, it’s disappointing that we won’t have much money to spend in the dealer room. :(


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