More from Sudbury :D

[Note: Sabrewolf plays Vlad, and pretends he’s trying to hide that fact.]

[23:54:14] <Sabrewolf> You’re going to be Vlad’s assistant. I’ll have to introduce you to his player at some point >_> <_<

[23:54:21] * COSLeia dies

[23:54:40] <COSLeia> just make sure he doesn’t take her to Sudbury

[23:54:49] <Ironside> One day Vlad will try to gather some actual intelligence!

[23:54:52] * COSLeia waits for Nate’s logic circuits to malfunction

[23:55:03] * Sabrewolf does indeed malfunction

[23:55:04] <Ironside> XD

[23:55:15] <Sabrewolf> One day Vlad will get the resources he requested from his CO a long time ago!

[23:55:26] <COSLeia> lol

[23:55:38] * Sabrewolf is too tired to remember what Vlad’s player said those were right now

[23:55:40] * Ironside replaces Nate’s logic circuits with imatation Folger’s Crystals

[23:55:54] * Sabrewolf adds hot water and drinks self

[23:56:03] <COSLeia> wow

[23:56:09] <Ironside> :D

[23:56:12] <COSLeia> didn’t know you were THAT desperate to go to Sudbury

[23:56:18] <Ironside> LOL

[23:56:20] <Sabrewolf> What?

[23:56:24] * Ironside dies

[23:56:24] <Sabrewolf> o_O

[23:56:30] <COSLeia> haha, I rule.

[23:56:33] <Ironside> Flexible, are you?

[23:56:42] <Sabrewolf> …wait…

[23:56:44] <Sabrewolf> ARGH!

[23:56:47] <Ironside> :D

[23:56:47] <COSLeia> ROFLMAO