Someday, when I have server-side blogging software with CATEGORIES, I will name a section ‘Sudbury’.

[15:44:22] <Sabrewolf> The rest of my relatives are in Sudbury, but I don’t want to see them. They’re all screwed in the head lately o_o So I give them a wide berth LOL

[15:45:37] <COSLeia> hahaha

[15:45:55] <COSLeia> screwed in the head

[15:45:56] * COSLeia dies

* Retrieving #amrn modes…

[15:46:12] * COSLeia changes topic to ‘<Sabrewolf> The rest of my relatives are in Sudbury, but I don’t want to see them. They’re all screwed in the head lately o_o’

[15:48:14] <Sabrewolf> ROFL

[15:48:23] <Sabrewolf> They are! They’ve gone psychotic

[15:49:09] <COSLeia> yes well

[15:49:23] <COSLeia> I thought the way you phrased that was rather…coincidental

[15:50:48] <Sabrewolf> …LMAO

[15:50:50] <Sabrewolf> Oh God

[15:52:46] <COSLeia> XD

[15:52:49] <COSLeia> I love you, man

More from Sudbury :D

[Note: Sabrewolf plays Vlad, and pretends he’s trying to hide that fact.]

[23:54:14] <Sabrewolf> You’re going to be Vlad’s assistant. I’ll have to introduce you to his player at some point >_> <_<

[23:54:21] * COSLeia dies

[23:54:40] <COSLeia> just make sure he doesn’t take her to Sudbury

[23:54:49] <Ironside> One day Vlad will try to gather some actual intelligence!

[23:54:52] * COSLeia waits for Nate’s logic circuits to malfunction

[23:55:03] * Sabrewolf does indeed malfunction

[23:55:04] <Ironside> XD

[23:55:15] <Sabrewolf> One day Vlad will get the resources he requested from his CO a long time ago!

[23:55:26] <COSLeia> lol

[23:55:38] * Sabrewolf is too tired to remember what Vlad’s player said those were right now

[23:55:40] * Ironside replaces Nate’s logic circuits with imatation Folger’s Crystals

[23:55:54] * Sabrewolf adds hot water and drinks self

[23:56:03] <COSLeia> wow

[23:56:09] <Ironside> :D

[23:56:12] <COSLeia> didn’t know you were THAT desperate to go to Sudbury

[23:56:18] <Ironside> LOL

[23:56:20] <Sabrewolf> What?

[23:56:24] * Ironside dies

[23:56:24] <Sabrewolf> o_O

[23:56:30] <COSLeia> haha, I rule.

[23:56:33] <Ironside> Flexible, are you?

[23:56:42] <Sabrewolf> …wait…

[23:56:44] <Sabrewolf> ARGH!

[23:56:47] <Ironside> :D

[23:56:47] <COSLeia> ROFLMAO

"If you guys are really us…what number are we thinking of right now?"

[12:14:59] <Sabrewolf> Damn it, why do people always laugh at me when they ask me for directions to Sudbury >_<

[12:15:14] <COSLeia> I have no idea what that means

[12:15:37] <gradius> How do you describe it?

[12:16:07] <Sabrewolf> Sudbury’s where I was born… all my friends in Toronto have some sort of running gag at my expense where they tell me they’re going up there for vacation and ask me which way to go ;_; And I don’t understand it!

[12:17:30] <Sabrewolf> Highway 401 to 400, then you have to find Highway 69 and go north >_<

[12:17:34] <gradius> Well, if it helps, I don’t understant it either. ^ ^

[12:17:38] <Sabrewolf> Then they break out into fits of giggles and call me a geek

[12:18:00] <COSLeia> highway…69

[12:18:12] <Sabrewolf> Yes! What’s so god damn funny about it?!

[12:18:15] <COSLeia> …

[12:18:16] <COSLeia> wow

[12:18:18] <COSLeia> you don’t know?

[12:18:25] <Sabrewolf> No -_-

[12:18:31] <COSLeia> a 69 is a sexual position

[12:18:37] <COSLeia> where both partners give and receive oral sex

[12:18:40] <Sabrewolf> …oh…

[12:18:43] <gradius> Ah…

[12:18:55] <Sabrewolf> Those bastards

[12:18:56] <COSLeia> lol

[12:19:25] <gradius> Time to think of a different route to Sudbury. ^ ^

[12:19:38] <COSLeia> lol

[12:20:38] <Sabrewolf> They even ask me, “Are you going to be driving on Highway 69 again this weekend?” and I say “Yes” and they don’t leave me alone about it >_<

[12:20:46] <Sabrewolf> I’m going to kill them LOL

[12:21:49] <COSLeia> ahahahaha :D