Et tu, Comments system? ;_;

[Note: It is now 2:34 pm. I’ve been trying to put up this post all day. Blogger’s up to its old tricks again :P]

I’m only making this post in the vain hope that all the comments I’ve made this morning will miraculously appear on the page. I figure, maybe if I force it to republish, they’ll show up. :/

But while I’m here, I figure I’ll go ahead and remark a little on my life.

I was planning on going to Kentucky this weekend (I would have left yesterday and returned Monday) for Halloween and Connor’s birthday. However, Connor is going to Indiana to trick-or-treat with his cousins, which should be fun :) So, since he would be out of town, I’ve postponed the trip until next weekend, when he’ll be having his birthday party. I hope I’ll be able to make it, but that depends on what happens with the new job. If I get it, I’ll have to see when I need to start and if I can sneak in a trip before then. If I don’t get it, I suppose I can go just fine ;P

Concerning the new job, they told me they would get back to me “by Friday at 5 pm”. Last Friday came and went with nary a peep. I’m told they had another round of interviews with other candidates (not sure how many) on Tuesday, so perhaps they meant they would get back with me this Friday, and not last Friday. In any case, I’ve left them two voicemails expressing my confusion on the issue. Still waiting to hear back. If they haven’t called by say 4 pm tomorrow, I’ll call them.

My lifestyle change hasn’t really changed much. I have lost some weight, but I keep gaining some back. Ultimately the loss is still there–today there’s a net loss of seven pounds–but it’s discouraging whenever the numbers go back up (my largest net loss was nine pounds). I typically end up either starving myself on the days when the weight goes back up, or eating too much.

Counting calories doesn’t seem to be the way to go–at least, not in a vacuum. That is, I’m coming to believe I need to be watching my fat intake like a hawk. I also need to balance the other nutrients (I think I’m getting too much iron, for one thing). I’m hoping DietPower will help me with that, but I have to do a lot of work to watch the nutrients. It’s much easier to just count calories ;P

Well, that’s an update. Here’s hoping the comments show up now.