Lunar eclipse

I just found out about this, like, five minutes ago. Here’s a picture:

digital zoom didn't save me

It’s hard to get a picture of celestial objects without, like, a telescope, and a tripod :/

Update 9:45:

Update 9:52:

Update 10:00:

Ridiculous Update 10:10:

Here, I was trying to show what the shape was like as well as the color. It’s really impossible to see what I was actually seeing, though. The shadowed part of the moon was a very deep red color.

Another Ridiculous Update 10:25:

I really wish I could show you what it actually looks like. 2007 isn’t too far off; I’ll make it a goal to have decent equipment by then.

The Eclipse, Updated 10:42:

It happened! And it looks pretty richly red:

Really neat. (And impossible to make out in these pictures ;P)