Mainichi has some of the most…interesting…headlines

More Japanese men prefer sitting whizzes

This article is fascinating.

Toilet researcher Junichi Hirata blames the spread of Western-style toilets on the increasing prevalence for Japanese men to sit on the toilet even while only urinating.

I guess people will research anything…

Sitters have also influenced changes in men’s underwear. Where it was once normal to have men’s briefs with an opening in the front to provide easy access at times of urination, now less than half the 20 types of men’s undies available from catalog clothing seller Cecile Co. offer such access.

Well, that makes it harder to get a blowjob from your secretary under the desk.

I mean…what? Did you say something?

“Men are structurally designed to piss standing up,” Chiba Institute of Technology Prof. Yoshiyuki Ueno, who has studied toilets for more than three decades, said.

Does Japan have enough people studying toilets? I propose a study!