Today’s health news so far

I’m taking Mari‘s advice and using DietPower to track what I eat and how I exercise. Also, since the doctor told me to, I’m tracking my blood pressure this week. So:

This morning’s blood pressure: 125/90

Let me tell you right now that taking your own blood pressure is a pain. Kelly said that it would be nigh impossible due to hearing your own heartbeat in your ears, while trying to listen for your own pulse. This is not really my problem. My problem is putting the damn cuff on! :>

I’m not going to bother listing what I eat here, because I am doing that in DietPower. However, I will say that right now I am sticking to a calorie limit of 1500 a day. This will change, presumably. (I was expecting it to be less…but the program is taking into account my metabolism, or something.)

After stretching (a combination of kung fu and bellydance stretches), I walked for 22 minutes, plus a 5 minute warmup and a 5 minute cool-down. My new Wal-Mart pedometer says I took 3833 steps. It started getting pretty hot, and my feet are unused to my new sneakers, so I called it quits at 22 instead of trying to go for 30 like originally planned. I may actually need to buy more new shoes, because these seem a little loose. I don’t think I can take them back to Wal-Mart after having walked in them :(

I’m thinking about going for a swim, and then doing some laundry, and then going to find new shoes. Mari is going to call me later so we can get together and walk more, or bike. Should be fun :) Last night we went out to Longhorn, which tasted great but gave me horrible nausea. I’m seriously considering just throwing my leftovers away. (They probably wouldn’t fit too well into my diet anyway…)

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good, although my feet hurt. I’m thinking maybe I should start checking my pulse before and after workouts, to track my cardiovascular health…