Book and diet

I haven’t written enough. I need to get off my proverbial ass.

Yesterday I worked from 7 am until around 4:45 pm, with a short break somewhere around 9 when I ran to Publix to grab some nigiri sushi (which sucked, by the way–I’ll stick to rolls). When I got home, I sort of putzed around the Internet until it was time for bed. Then I took the laptop back to bed with me, but Sean followed, and my writing was again put off :> Finally I wrote for approximately half an hour, and posted it, and went to bed.

The writing shouldn’t be put off until the last minute like that. I need to try to do better today.

Speaking of today, I was planning to go biking with Brooke, but it looks like I have to work until 2 ;P I’m not sure if that will leave us enough time to ride (she has work at 4). I’ll have to talk with her about it.

My diet is coming along okay. I’m down 11.5 pounds right now. I’d made it all the way to 12, but then I went up a little, and now I’m going down again. (It’s so much fun watching your weight fluctuate every day. Really.)

At any rate, a coworker of mine, who works nights and weekends and who I therefore don’t normally see, said to me yesterday, “You’ve lost weight!” So that’s good :D

It’s really interesting what a difference 10 pounds can make. Mari’s lost about that, too, and she looks great. She’s pretty close to an optimal weight, I think. Brooke is too.

I’m behind ;_; But I’ll keep working on it!