Eric Burns is awesome

Yes, I know I already said that. But look at this:

I’m what I consider a spiritual agnostic (I think there is more to this world than the eye can see, but I don’t know the shape and form of what that is) who honestly respects Faith and has no time for intolerance. That’s good for my good Liberal cred, but I tend to get in trouble with my peeps when I defend Christians in the same breath I defend Jews, Muslims, Pagans or Atheists. Especially at Christmas.

Dude, it’s Christmas. In American society, that’s become a thoroughly secular ritual, in a land where we need all the secular rituals we can get. If that secular ritual grew out of a Christian tradition… well, said Christian tradition grew out of pagan traditions too, and besides, who gives a damn?

I swear, this man is my hero. Read the whole article. He rules.