Getting through the holidays without gaining it all back

I was good over Halloween, and I was good over Thanksgiving (I even lost weight over Thanksgiving). But now that Christmas is here I’ve hit a stumbling block.

Baking cookies is a horrible thing when you are trying to diet. I have a nasty habit of sampling the goods.

Since I’ve been busy, with baking and shopping, I haven’t had the time to exercise…and I’ve been lax about getting dinner ready, meaning that we’ve been eating takeout and fast food.

Yesterday was my first step in turning this all around–I went biking and burned something like 700 calories–and I’m proud to say that, at last, I have maintained instead of gained. I just need to keep it up.

I saw this article on MSN this morning, and thought I’d share it. There are some good ideas in there for how to keep from pigging out at all the holiday parties…I’m going to three this weekend, so I can definitely use the advice!