Duane Keiser’s paintings

I stuck Duane Keiser’s painting blog in my blogroll awhile back, and since then I’ve enjoyed a fresh new still life every day.

Today’s painting is very simple, yet somehow it really touches me. I don’t know…I get the feeling of loneliness (the pushpins, solitary and surrounded by empty holes), and yet a soft sense of hope (the filtered rays of sunlight).

He sells these things for $100. They are postcard-sized. Like I said to Brooke the other day, as I rejected a painting about seven times that size for the same price, “Well, if I had money to spend on art…”

Of course, I think Mr. Keiser is more talented than whoever painted the blue-grey seaside piece that caught my eye at the mall. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m broke!

(Plus, the ones I really like are either far more expensive, or already sold.)