Heh. So much for the end of It’s Walky!

Webcomic fans rock.

At some point, Willis posted the following:

January 23, 2005 – Okay, here’s the skinny. I’ve got a lot of emails. You guys like the IW! strip that went up yesterday. You guys want more. Okay.

Well, here’s the deal. Shortpacked! runs 3 times a week, and Roomies! runs twice a week — that’s a full-time job in itself. I’ve consciously cut down the number of strips I do a week so I can dedicate time to actual work that pays the bills. And so tossing another full-page strip a week onto my pile is not going to work, especially since that time spent will displace time needed to work on things that pay my bills. (And get me to California regularly.)


I’ve got an idea. I like pleasing you peeps, ‘cuz you’re my peeps, so I’ll cut y’all a deal. Every $100 donated to me through Paypal, I’ll draw up an IW! strip to run that following Saturday. So if 20 people donate 5 bucks each, that’s a new strip. That makes it worth my while, and it makes it possible for you folks to get what you want. In the meantime, Shortpacked! and Roomies! will continue to run for free.

Does that sound cool?

And then, later:

January 23, 2005 – Well, that was quick.

I wish he’d time-stamped it. :D (I also wish webcomic authors would use blog software for their rants, so I could get permalinks to the text…;P)

Anyway, new IW! on Saturdays. Yay!