It’s getting easier, rather than harder

I biked this morning too. It seemed that my mind was convinced that there was no other option. In fact, I woke up at 5 till 5, looked at the clock, and was about to get automatically out of bed when Sean stirred and snuggled into me. I decided to give him those five minutes, and got up when the alarm jolted me out of the pleasant snooze.

Using a backpack really helps, and I can bring so much stuff with me. Today I brought a package that I need to ship; I haven’t decided if I’m going to bike over to the post office, or just let it go out with the company mail. There really aren’t any shoulders on Martinez that I can think of, so I might not want to chance it. Besides, if I don’t feel like backtracking to Baston, I’d have to go up Bobby Jones to get home, and I don’t know if I’m quite that brave yet :>

In any case, the weather was great–I didn’t need a jacket, and it wasn’t foggy like yesterday, so I was very comfortable and had good visibility even in the dark. I was expecting to have a tough time, given the workouts my legs have been getting all week, but surprisingly the trip didn’t bother me really. I’m getting adept at shifting gears to make it easier on myself, which helps, but I think I’m also benefiting from the fact that I’ve been biking for awhile. Hopefully this continued bike commute will build up my cardiovascular system!

I ended up leaving a little later than I have been, at something like 6:30, so I got here at 6:55. Just on time! I’m not sure I want to cut it that close in the future.

The reason I was late in getting started is that I started writing a post that will go up a little later today (hopefully) about the adventure I had yesterday trying to export these Blogger posts into WordPress. I’ve hit quite a snag with it, but I think I can figure out how to solve it, assuming I can modify some php code. (High school Pascal, don’t fail me now!) Anyway, wait for that post with baited breath, because it’s going to be awesome :>