Wi-Fi! $5/hr laptop rental! Low-fat smoothie! I feel so cool.

Yes, I went to R. Gabriel’s after work. I got paid today, so I went by the bank to deposit my check, and the R. Gabriel’s is right next door, so I figured, what the heck?

(By the way, it’s fun to go to an ATM on a bicycle. Fun, I tell you! I actually tried to go inside, but they didn’t seem to have an ATM in there…)

So here I am, blogging from a coffeehouse. The only thing wrong with this picture is that I should be using my own laptop, and I should also be leeching power from all the outlets for my cell phone and the iPod I don’t own. Alas, I’m not quite on the digital edge.

I biked a little ways down Martinez Boulevard to get here, then had to cut across crazy early afternoon Washington Road traffic. That wasn’t supremely bright on my part; next time I’ll just go with my instincts and cross at Baston to the sidewalk. :>

Now I’m trying to decide if I want to consider this smoothie my lunch, or if I want to beg the baristas to make me a sandwich. At $6.50, it’s not an extraordinarily appealing choice…plus I’m already paying to use this laptop! So I will probably hold off until I get home and have a chance to evaluate my calories. I presume this smoothie has something like 170 calories in it, which means I could eat something else, but to be honest I’m not sure. I should ask the baristas.

By the way, I love the word “barista”…

Oh, and also by the way, I figured out why the comments aren’t displaying the date of the post, just the time. It’s because my blog posts are set to display the time only, and no other information. I did that for stylistic reasons; I thought it would look stupid to have the date right above the date. But you know, having the dates displayed on the comments would be worth it.

Of course, I may be shifting to WordPress anyway, so all this could be moot!

I like it here at R. Gabriel’s. I’m sitting at one of the tall tables at the window. My legs are about a foot and a half off the floor. I’m short!

Sometime, I should come here with my laptop and sit on one of those nice leather couches…

I just noticed that they have one of the 2go-Box “Win $500” racks, and they cut out three of the “Win $500” parts from the cards and taped them to the front :D Good advertising! I wonder if anyone has taken the bait.

The sun is right on me. It feels nice, though it’s making this LCD screen difficult to see.

Speaking of this laptop, I was told that it belonged to the owner, and one day he got mad at it and threw it across the room. This explains why the screen decides to go completely bonkers every now and then. To make it work again, you have to hit it.

Very hardcore.


Berry Berry Smoothies are teh yum.

I’m beginning to realize that I really have nothing to say. I think I feel self-conscious because I’m blogging from a coffeeshop.

I always used to think it would be cool to come down here to work on writing. Curled up in one of those couches, or hunched over a table, a smoothie (or hot cocoa, or something) at my side. Somehow, I felt like that would add legitimacy to what I was doing.

I wonder. All it seems to be doing right now is making me ramble.

Ack, brain freeze…!