Please use the right word

The English teacher in me will have a conniption if you don’t.

Today, Cory Doctorow appends the following to his post about a new Technorati feature:

(Disclaimer: I am an advisor to Technorati)

Now, Cory, really. You are not disclaiming your statement. Here, I’ll be pompous and quote (ds-klmr)


  1. A repudiation or denial of responsibility or connection.
  2. Law. A renunciation of one’s right or claim.

What you are doing, Cory, is disclosing your affiliation.

dis.clo.sure (d-sklzhr)


  1. The act or process of revealing or uncovering.
  2. Something uncovered; a revelation.


The submission of facts and details concerning a situation or business operation. In general, security exchanges and the SEC require firms to disclose to the investment community the facts concerning issues that will affect the firms’ stock prices. Disclosure is also required when firms file for public offerings. See also full disclosure.

You see, the correct word makes all the difference!