Well, this is big

hoo boy

From Queen of Wands. This intro is very Websnarky, so I may as well add a phrase like “Click the thumbnail for full-size Holy Shit”, or something.


All I can say is, I wonder if Kestrel will “consider a different type of relationship“.

Actually, that’s not all I can say.

I figured Angela loved Kestrel, or at least had a hugeass crush on her. I guess I should have expected it to come out in the story eventually. Now that it’s here, though, I can’t help but feel enormous amounts of trepidation.

How is this going to turn out, and what is it going to say about human sexuality? If Aeire is too light with the subject, it will seem trite (and perhaps fanserviceish), but if she goes too deep, it will just be overblown and silly.

It’s difficult…and since it resonates quite a bit to me personally, I’m going to be very disappointed if it isn’t done well.